Assisting People in Achieving Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Energetic Balance.

A Better Approach to Medicine and Patient Care.

Wellness is not the absence of disease, but a dynamic state of
physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic balance.

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Integrative Medicine
Our healthcare practice is dedicated to assisting people to achieve wellness through this dynamic balance.

This approach to healthcare is rooted in the science of physiology and biochemistry nutrition and draws on both traditional and complementary treatment models.

Specializing in women’s health and chronic illness, we spend much of our care-giving time asking questions and listening closely to patients’ responses. As a result, we treat her patients as the individuals that they are, NOT simply as collections of symptoms.

The success of our medical practice is directly related to this philosophy of treating mind/body an open system through the use of a true form of Integrative Medicine.

We Accept the following Health Insurance Plans:

United Health Care
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Medicare Advantage Aetna
Medicare Advantage Cigna

Medicare Advantage BCBS
Medicare Advantage UHC

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