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Donna Nikander Practice Policies and Standards

Office Contact Information
2260 Canyon Blvd Suite A4
Boulder Colorado 80302
T (303) 444-6800
F (303) 496-6802

Email is the preferred form of communication
Email may be accessed through
Email and telephone message request require your full name, date of birth and all pertinent contact information.
Email is available for brief questions and is not a replacement for an office visit

New patients
New patients are required to fill and submit health history and health insurance forms before your initial office visit.
HIPPA agreement is available to read and or download for your medical file.

Schedule Appointments
Please schedule your appointments online at and click on “Schedule an appointment”.

Routine prescription refill request require a routine maintenance office visit. Please initiate scheduling your appointment online timely before your prescriptions refills run out.
When there is a true urgent request, please provide your full name, date of birth, all medication allergies and pharmacy telephone number. Your pharmacy request will be delayed until this information is provided.

Testing Guidelines
Laboratory and imaging tests require a scheduled follow appointment to discuss performing these tests as well as to review your results and management options.
Please initiate and schedule your follow up appointment in accordance with the completion of your test results.
Local test results are completed within 7 to 10 days of test performance.
Out of state laboratory urine and saliva test results are completed within 2 weeks.
Out of state laboratory blood test results require up to three weeks of test performance.
You will be provided a copy of your tests the day of review.

Financial Responsibilities
Please provide the office with all update insurance and demographics.
Please understand your personal health insurance policy.
Please call your insurance before your office visit and inquire your in- network and out of net- work deductible, your co- payment and or your co insurance responsibility.
If you have a Health Savings Account (HAS), a high deductible, co- insurance or a co-payment, your payment is required to be paid in full the day of service.
A prepared personal check is preferable and we also accept credit cards.

Office Insurance Billing Issues
Please be informed of your personal insurance policy before services are rendered.
If you have received a bill from the office, this means your bill has been reconciled with your insurance and is now your responsibility. We ask that you please pay your balance timely within 30 days.
Please call your insurance for any billing questions, if you still have questions, please contact:
Priority Medical Billing Services 8116 Indian Peaks Avenue, Unit 2
P.O. Box 56 Frederick, Co
80530-0056 Telephone (303) 532-2431 Fax: (303) 532-2131 email

Laboratory and Radiology Billing
Please call the specific lab or imaging department billing office for any lab or imaging billing questions.
Boulder Community (720) 854-7000
LabCorp (303) 792-2600
Quest Diagnostic (303) 899-6000
Genova Laboratory 1 (800) 522-4762
Pharmasan Laboratory 1 (888) 342-7272
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Accept Credit Cards