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Apothecary of Donna Nikander
A message from Dr. Donna Nikander…

This apothecary is provided to you with integrity to assist you in your ongoing pursuance of health and wellness. This website provides you with the privacy and freedom to choose a quality, safe, recommended supplement.

Nutraceuticals, for many reasons both pro and con, are not monitored under a governing body in the United States. The nutritional supplementation(s) I recommend are both quality grade and participate in a rigorous quality-assurance program. You may utilize this apothecary as a reference of what I as a medical professional recommend for your medical recommendations.
I also believe in choice and have provided you with a variety of selections. I also believe you should be in charge of your finances. This website is available for you to freely and privately place orders according to your financial comfort. The website manager provides a detailed receipt immediately following your order transaction.

In appreciation, support and co-partnership in health and wellness,

Dr. Donna Nikander

Please Note: because of the nature of the products, we cannot offer a refund on nutritional products once they have been purchased.

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